In Maegard, there are four main religions, though there are small sects known amongst mystic communities.

  • Saña’Kā, meaning "Her faith" is the primary religion in Maegard and is built around the belief in one deity, the Goddess, and her children, the Ten. A majority of followers therefore believe that the royal families are indeed descended from the Ten and have an autocratic right to power. They hold Veritatem, the holy records of the muse Clio as very sacred, showing a belief in Chaos as a physical being as well as other protogenoi, siblings to the Goddess at the beginning of the universe (though not as important as She). As well as this,  they uphold Leger Majikel if they are magi, believed to be carved by Eldnor on the temple at Nivitis, Rhil.


  • Sequeketor is the alternative religion to Saña’Kā, opposing all of its belief and dismissing the royal families' right to rule. It is exclusive to the kingdom of Rhil, who most from other kingdoms believe is infested with remnants of Chaos magick from necromancers of the Second Age (V.M). Creatures known as the sequemhet, literally "dark council" are the highest power in this religion. They exist by possessing worshippers and using them to fulfil their own desires, above all wishing to exist independently. Some worshippers protest for the Elementals to perform a ritual to do this and give them their power, but the idea has never been entertained. The royal families have in the meantime attempted to make peace with Rhil, but the relationship is very tense.


  • Amaieña is a religion amongst sea creatures, worshipping the ocean. Unlike worshippers of sequeketor, they are harmonious with the royal families and accept the descendants of Amadahy as a deity, following records not used by gentry known as the  Ivories, writings on the adventures of Amadahy not featured in Veritatem. 


  • Vanatrú is a sub-religion of Saña’Kā and is based on the secretive island of Vana, home to the descendants of the Keepers. All residents of Vana have psychic abilities, and the religion is based on the idea that each vision is divinely imparted. Eventually Vanatrú dictates that the Goddess will impart visions on every psychic at the same time, divining the destruction of the world. Vanatrú is also the source of all prophecies that the royal families are educated in.


The End

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