As of modern day, the Seven Ages, also known as lar'arix mekārhe, are the significant periods of history that mark a new way of life for those in Maegard. The Muse Clio recorded and distinguished these in the same way as she did the holy article Veritatem.


  • Nach mekār - the Empty Age

(----) Chaos is the only entity in existence and Maegard has yet to be created. This period is before the birth of Chronos, and has no duration, though it was the unrivalled period of Chaos' dominion.


  • Ané mekār -the First Age, also mekārhe et aensaer (the Age of Light)

(0-551) The period between the birth of the Lady, the Ten and the establishment of Maegard to the beginning of the Days of Darkness. This period is recorded in Veritatem.


  • Vri mekār -the Second Age, also mekārhe et sequek (the Age of Dark)

(551-569) Passes through the Days of Darkness (551-561) and ends at the establishment of the Incarnate.


  • Trel mekār - the Third Age, also mekārhe et chysaeŕi (the Age of the Crown)

(569 - 1260) The time of unaltered rule of the Incarnate. Gentry and nobility reign supreme, beginning to divide the rich and poor classes.


  • Qac mekār - the Fourth Age, also mekārhe et melethiš (the Age of the Beast)

(1260 - 4827) As the civilised world expands, mystics living outside of this domain resist. Long periods of upheaval, feuding between races and inequality.


  • Mor mekār - the Fifth Age, also mekārhe et majiš (the Age of the Magi)

(4827 - 6109) Magi suppression wins out and mystics are driven away and in extremity, enslaved.

Battle of Dorelé Šerof ("free heart") - a fight for the freedom of mystics ultimately fails after many tragedies. Meanwhile, huge advances are made in magi Craft, revolutionising modern use and bring new, innovative techniques. Alchemy soars in popularity, as does the Forbidden Art, namely Maleficium.

(6109 - 8197) After much dispute and the growing power of mystic forces across Maegard, peace is declared at the Battle of Arkahn Šerof ("free voice") between the royal families and the Anén'vhor dete gaien ("eleven of the land").


  • Lar mekār - the Seventh Age, also mekārhe et ichrenn (the Age of Blood)

(8197 - eçhetelCaitriona the Traitor, having brought her lover to Maegard (8147), human refugees flood in. Oppression begins and unrest spreads all across. Arches are shut down following a surge in activity from Midgard (8239). The Elemental families establish the Forestlands as a protected area. Death of Avaric family and abdication of royals (8302). Reign of Elemental Court begins.


Before the creation of the universe – NH

During Days of Darkness – DD

Any time afterwards – reference to mekār i.e. trel mekār = TM

The End

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