Factoids: CURRENCY - Arix'ahr


Maegard has a singular, widespread currency known collectively as Arix'ahr, which was introduced in 8024 S.M (the Sixth Age). Other currencies exist such as trentka (beastfolk communities), v'ohys (Vana) and abbahyn (Veyréri), but they are exclusive to their own countries, whilst Arix'ahr is used in cross-kingdom trade. Ahr means "coin" in Maedaal, arix referring to the highest denomination, which means "grand". When humans began to travel through the Veil in the late 80th century, Midgard currencies began circulation, but this variety caused poverty, and when the Western Hemisphere introduced their own denomination and reduced their trading with the East, fearing human infestation, Arix'ahr became the solution. 

Arix'ahr denominations

An arix (pl. arixel) is a golden piece which has three sides, triangular shaped. It is the highest denomination and inspires the currency's name of "grand coin."

cena (pl. cenae) is a silver piece which has four sides, square shaped. In Maedaal, the word for "bright" is cenas, from which the coin name is derived.

vira (pl. virae) is a copper piece which has six sides, hexagonal shaped. In Maedaal tongue, it means "root" or "core".  

kexion (both pl. and sing.) is a stone piece which is circular. It is the lowest denomination, and its name is likely taken from the Maedaal word kexen, which means"hard." This coin is never seen in noble families, and is most widespread in areas of poverty or lands such as Vincula and Hel.

The shaped incisions in each of the coins is so that they can be stacked upon racks similar to abacuses, a set of four metal bars through which the different coins slide onto. This is the equivalent of a cash register.

The design in the centre of the coins is the Elemental crest, an ouroboros encircling a many-branched ash tree. Originally, around the edges was engraved AKES VETÏR ATALAE DRE SEQUEK, the motto of the Elemental royal families, meaning "rise with us from darkness". With each new generation, the coronation year was also engraved into the coin.

However, when the Elemental Court took over, the engraving was changed to ORDINIS MAGICAE HOSTEM EST, which translates from human Latin as "magick is the enemy of order," and the image became a gorgon head with ten hissing and evil snakes.

Arix'ahr values

One arix is: 6 cenae || 102 virae || 2346 kexion

One cena is: 17 virae || 391 kexion

One vira is: 23 kexion

NOTE: It is approximated that one vira is the equivalent to £1.15 in Midgard currency (€1.48/$1.8)

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