A Human Invasion

8147 L.M (The Seventh Age)

For over three millennia, there had been many cases of humans and magi travelling between worlds and integrating themselves there. The Va'shar knew only a few recorded Archways, the rest remained mysterious and unknown. It was here that magi and mystics would escape to, and here humans would arrive. For humans it was to flee the many conflicts and wars in their world, and for magi it was the curiosity of a new world. However, in most cases the travellers would soon return and there would be little cause for concern.

However in 8147 L.M, it became publicly known that the Red Pine nymph Caitriona had brought a human lover into Maegard, a man named Daniel Sherwood. Many grew jealous of this, and so magi and mystics began to bring their human lovers and friends into their world. Most were eager to learn of this new world and wished to become a part of it.

But as time passed, uprisings and persecution began when some humans despised magi for abilities they could not have, and magi grew irritated at the growing population of an alien race. In Midgard, burnings began and many magi were killed, the survivors trying to return to their home world. The Elemental royal families feared what this surge of newcomers would bring, but in 8214 L.M it would come to an end.

War had broken out in Midgard, and even more humans attempted to find the rumoured Archways to flee to safety. At the same time, magi attempted to help with injuries and battles, but did so on the condition that they could not return back. This war passed and both worlds suffered gravely, and the highest powers of Maegard - known as the Great Esteem - alongside the royal families, vowed that it would never happen again. When war broke out once more in Midgard - 8239 L.M - the decision was made that the Archways would be shut down.

Believed to know of the location of the Cradle of the Gods at Cruachan - where the first Archway had been opened in the greatest of all tragedies there - the Last Sacrifice - the 97th generation of royals travelled there, and using the joint power of the ten elemental powers, shut down the Archway, and in turn all others connected to it, leaving travellers stranded in different worlds. Humans begged for the Archways to be opened once more, desperate to escape their war, but there was nobody to hear their cries.

Persecution of humans and magi has continued to this day, leading to the establishment of the Forestlands as a refuge for only magi and mystics, the usurpation of the 99th generation in 8302 L.M and the reign of the human Elemental Court.

The End

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