Midgard: A World Parallel

A world parallel to Maegard, Midgard is the world from which humans are believed to have come from. In common lore, the worlds are thought to be next to each other, yet impossible to sense whilst in one. Semblances of one world continue to seep through into the other, sometimes seen at the corner of the eye, or a strange presence. This theory contributes to the believed relationship between the two. Sometimes, it is called the "peripheral world", on a separate plane of reality, revealing itself only through shadows and illusion.

The connection between them remains mysterious, but the force that separates them has been termed as 'the Veil' or, in Maedaal, "ţetvos". It is, simply, a barrier of magickal matter, acting like film where the two realities are pressed against each other, yet are never touching. Land and sea is different in both, and it has been suggested that if the Veil were removed, the two realities would collide and merge, likely causing chaos and anarchy. It is therefore worrying whenever the Veil is broken, as has been the case when humans and Maegardians travelled between the worlds.

In essence, the Veil is very, very thin whilst being exceedingly powerful, but being a form of magick, it can be weakened and altered by emotion of those around it. Since mor mekār (the Fifth Age), at scenes of power and tragedy, from gruesome battles to a desperate suicide, the Veil has been stretched and overwhelmed to the point that it can fray and split.

They may be thought negligible, although air and objects from both worlds have bled through into the other, often making the land in Maegard look dead, the land in Midgard unnaturally rich due to the high concentration of magickal essence in the air. In order to prevent this, magi created Archways, which allowed the Veil to be opened and closed on command. A selection of warriors from the Va'shar race were committed to guarding the known Archways at all times, dedicated to their duties being all blind, mute and impotent. For humans, fearing the evidence at these emotional sites, built great monuments over the Archways to disguise them throughout times, known now to be "wonders of the world".

The End

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