Maegard: An Introduction

In the language of Maedaal, the name Maegard translates literally as "magick place."

It is home to many creatures, and in the beginning, by two races of people. The magi possessed magickal abilities, "Gifted" by a divine power, or so is believed, and the aos sí posessed no magick yet lived peacefully and prosperously with the magi.

The world is split into three main designations: the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere, and the Veyréri. The East and West are split by Oceanus, also splitting cultures, species and languages apart. Their main similarity is who they are ruled by: the Elemental royal families, ten of which, each believed to be descended from ten gods, the true children of the Goddess.

As each new country/kingdom is introduced, you will learn more of the religions and famous landmarks, as well as their primary trade. Alongside this, you will learn the cosmology of the universe of Maegard before exploring more specific details such as societies and information more specific to 'The Element Adventures'. 

The End

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