To The Reader

A new version of the ADDventure charting all of the information (at least as much as I can reveal) about Maegard, the world in which my fantasy series "The Element Adventures" takes place. "The Chronicles of Maegard" itself is cited as a book in the series, written by Queen Dana Eldnor II and her consort Lucrem Veitch. I hope to add to this version much more frequently.

To the reader,

Having lived in a remote part of Maegard all of my life, this new authority has spurred in me a desire to learn all that I can of this world. Prince Lucrem and I have travelled as far as we can across the land, to the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, even to the Affran Isles and the rest of Veyréri. 

My hope is that it becomes to be of use to you, enlightening and educating in any way possible. I also hope that for our neighbouring human community, there might be some interest so as to bridge the gap that stands between us. My apologies for any miscommunications you may find, otherwise I believe the content of these pages to be truth.

With kind regards,

Her Majesty, Queen Dana Saha Eldnor II, Lady of the Secret Ways.

The End

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