Hot chocolate and Apples of the card variaty.

I smiled as my friends began to chat. "You're right lynn, they are chocolate chip. My own special recipe." I stood on my tiptoes and placed one last ornament on the tree. I walked back a few feet,  then satisfied I flooped on the couch, only to stand up a minute later.

"Anyone want some hot chocolate?" I asked. lynn and m.n.m gave me a nod, so I slipped into the kitchen and returned with four steaming mugs. M.N.M gave me a strange look.

"What's the extra cup for?" She asked

"Oh, it's just incase someone else shows up."

She gave me a smile, then came over with lynn and grabbed a mug and another cookie.

I put a christmas cd in the boombox, then reached under the table.

"Do you guys want to play Apples to Apples?"

The End

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