The Christmas Party







Well, this has kind of slowed down,  but anyone can still write or join if they really want to. I'm not goingto stop anyone, promise! :O)

This is a role play where you are at a Christmas party. You may write as yourself or make up a character.  (Don't use your real name or give out personal info.)  Anyone can join, and everyone is welcome!

You can even "Give" gifts. If you wish to give someone a gift, simply post a comment like the following.

"{your username} is giving a gift to {The person who you are giving the gift to username}" 

(If you are specifying what the gift is, also put that in the comment.)

You can give as many gifts as you want, but you can only specify what is in one gift per person you give a gift.  If you give them anymore gifts, the person who you are giving it to gets to decide what's inside.  A chapter will have a list of gifts that have been sent.

Just a few rules: No mature content, swearing, or other unpleasant stuff.

This may not be an ordinary Christmas party.....Magic and Pranks are allowed.

Have fun! Happy Holidays!!!

The End

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