Rin: Payphone

"Rin, what on Earth are you talking about?"

The addressed sighed and glanced around nervously as she murmured into the payphone.

"Mom, the less you know, the better. I'm in danger, and if you try to contact me you will be too. I...I'm so sorry. I love you."

And then, with more strength than it had taken to destroy a helicopter, she hung up and wiped the phone clean with her sleeve.

She doubted it would slow her pursuers, but it was worth the little effort it took. 

"Hey, you done?"

She started a little but, noting that it was a bored looking old man and not another suited agent, relaxed, nodded and started down the sidewalk the way she had come.

The strange device in her neck was still causing a throbbing pain, but it was imperceptible in comparison to the ache in her jaw and, of course, the ache in her soul. Her family, friends...she had to forget them and, for their own sakes, they had to forget her too. Everything Rin had taken for granted; her job, her life, the people she cared for...it was all gone.

Not to mention her humanity. She had already taken a life without so much as thinking, and her thoughts were growing stranger by the second. 

The light and open spaces had started to repel her and she was becoming more and more at home in cramped alleyways or on the rooftops. Any or all birds she spotted in the sky gave her mild panic attacks. Her senses were sharpening and her tendencies growing violent. 

And, most disturbing of all, her reflexes took over many of her reactions.

Earlier someone had thrown a basketball close to her head from behind and she had turned and crushed it in her hands before she had even realized it existed. But then her brain had taken over and she'd run as fast as her legs could carry her, naturally.

"You seen that alert on TV?"

Rin jerked back to the present, realizing quickly that she was overhearing the conversation of some people in the restaurant beside her.

"Of course I did," someone replied, "Wonder what that girl did, anyways, to be on every single station."

A laugh followed.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she's already been caught. Who could hide with every single person in the country on the lookout for them, anyways?"

Rin tuned out after the phrase, walking faster. 

It was about time she changed her look. 

The End

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