Skaen: Field Trip

"And on your left..."

Trying not to sigh too loudly, Skaen fidgeted yet again as the guide leading their group stopped to give another monologue that Skaen couldn't have cared less about. He was glad for the field trip, it was better than school would have been, but the museum was his least favorite part of the day. 

The guide finished and the group was on the move once more. They turned a corner only to stop again, and Skane began to fidget once more, but not out of boredom this time. Something had caught his eye. Practically bouncing where he stood, Skaen couldn't help but lean over and whisper in his best friend's ear.

"Forrest, look! The exit sign!"

Forrest looked at the sign as if in rapture, then flashed Skaen a grin.

"Almost lunch time."

Twenty minutes and one hallway later, Skaen, along with the rest of his group, was sprinting out the door. Even as seniors in highschool, Skaen and his fellow students appreciated field trip lunches. The rules were relaxed, and normally banned food and drink items were fair game. Anything short of drugs, alcohol, and other illegal substances was permitted. 

"Race you to the bus!" Forrest challenged, before taking off. Skaen set off after him bt stopped just as abruptly.

There was no bus.

"Ladies and gentleman! Excuse me! May I have your attention please!" 

The confused mutterings that had started to pick up, faded away as the Principle of Leeville Central High pushed his way into the mass of students.

"There's been a slight mix up. Our bus driver thought that we were meeting up at the Zoo on the other end of the museum. He can't come and pick us because another tour bus parked behind him, so we'll have to make our way through the Zoo. Are there any questions?"

After a moment of silence, the Principle set off. He lead the way back into the Museum, taking a left instead of going back the way they had come. After a few minutes, the group stepped back out into the sun.  Without slowing, the students continued their brisk pace through the Zoo. 

While some students were saying that they would have liked to slow down and look at the animals, Skaen found the whole thing rather pleasant. He wasn't a huge fan of sightseeing, mainly because sightseeing meant stopping and starting and taking hours to get through a building. Skaen's version of sightseeing was strolling along through the attraction, stopping only if something particularly interesting caught his eye. 

The students received a lot unpleasant attention. They were a large group, going through the Zoo the wrong way. Things came to a head when they encountered another student group along one of the narrower paths. There was lot's of grumbling, shoving, and glaring as the two assemblies tried to go past each other. Skaen had been pushed up against the railing of one of the animal habitats. 

"Ah screw it!" shouted one of the students in the other group. The kid, definitely football player material, was apparently fed up with being jostled around, and decided to just start forcing his was through. Students were shoved left and right, and more than a few were knocked to the ground. One such victim came barreling right into Skaen. His feet left the ground as he was pushed up onto the railing, and for a moment he came to a stop on top of the safety bar. Then gravity began to take over once more and Skane overbalanced.

Right into a pit.

Full of snakes.

Skaen didn't move. Snakes responded badly to being startled, and if a human falling into their home wasn't startling, then Skaen didn't know what was. He could hear screams and shouts above him as people began to realize what had just happened. Thirty seconds became a minute. One minute became two. Skaen let out a breath and slowly raised his head. 

He was staring into the eyes of two of the thin, deadly, reptiles.

In that brief moment, Skaen's curiosity overcame his fear. One of the snakes was the typical mottled brown that came to peoples minds when they thought of snakes.

The other was a metallic silver. 

Skaen cocked his head at this, and instantly regretted it. The brown snake hissed and raised itself up, in preparation to strike. Skaen couldn't move. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't even shut his eyes as the snake's fangs darted toward him.

He couldn't believe what he saw next.

As the first snake went for the kill, the metallic snake attacked too. But Skaen wasn't its target.

All he could was stare as the limp body of the other snake fell to the ground.

And then he screamed as pain flared up his right arm. The metallic snake was no longer in front of Skaen. It was coiling around his arm.

Skaen promptly passed out.

The End

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