Isaac: A Feel for Aqua

“Isaac?” Mrs. Clemington called from the other room. He set down the duster on the piano and set the picture of Mrs. Cleminton’s daughter, Shenise, next to it. He had been dusting it, and was nearly finished but it seemed as though she wanted something else to be done. He walked through the open door way into Mrs. Clemington’s room where she sat, bent over at her desk, scribbling something down on a piece of paper.

                “Yes, ma’am,” Isaac responded politely, waiting for her request. She straightened her back, and fluffed her brown curls up a bit. She turned to face him, pursing her lips that had far too much red lipstick smothered on them.

“Would you be a dear, and get me a folder out of the filing cabinet on the fourth floor?” Isaac waited for her to continue to further explain its location. Things were hard to find in this household since it was so huge, but what would you expect from two lawyers? “I’m in need of it. It should be marked ‘Smith SA case 24’ and it should be in the second room from the stairwell to your left,” she finished. He nodded, and turned away heading for the stairwell. Although he disliked this job of being sort of a servant, the pay was good and Mrs. Clemington was easy to get along with.

He exited her master bedroom which was a massive room divided into two; one side was her “late night” office, and the other side where she slept. He walked down one of the many long corridors that lead to the black spiral staircase which marked the center of her home. He climbed it, until he reached the fourth floor, passing the second and third in the process. He ran his hand through his blonde mop of hair, as he walked through another lounging area with its own plasma screen t.v and array of red couches.  He got to another corridor, and walked to the second room on the left just as Mrs. Clemington had described and opened the door.

The door creaked, and the room was dark. He reached over onto the side wall for a lightswitch, and when he found it, clicked it on.

His eyes went wide.

Unlike most of the rooms in the Clemington mansion, most of the walls were bare, with hardly any paintings. Mrs. Clemington was one for sculptures so those usually filled their home, but this room, almost every inch of the walls was covered in paintings. He marvelled at them as he walked further in the room.

The room itself was a basic study; a desk with a laptop sitting on it, with a wheelie chair pushed up against it. There was also a couch and a bookshelf on the opposite side wall, and the couch matched the brown hardwood flooring. At the fair end of the room he saw the filing cabinet he was sent out to look in.

Something else caught his attention though.

Above the cabinet was a painting of ocean waves rolling in onto a white sanded shore. Also on the water, he saw a silver great white shark that almost looked metallic, and not belonging. He walked over to it to get a closer look at the shark that also seemed to stick out of the painting, as if it was 3D.

Or if it wasn’t part of the painting at all.

Isaac reached his hand up to touch the shark, to see if it felt as metallic as it looked.

He then jumped back in surprise.

The metallic shark seemed to somehow pop off the painting, and it dug into the skin on his hand. He grunted a little from the pain, and stared down in shock, unsure of how to react. His veins around where the shark was digging in began to turn dark blue, and seemed to pop out of his skin.

“Isaaaaac?” He heard someone call from nearby.  

It was Mrs. Clemington.

He felt panic rise up in his chest. He was unsure why, but he felt he might be in trouble if she saw him, with a part of her painting digging into his skin. He ran out of the office, and looked both directions down the hallway. It seemed that the direction of Mrs. Clemington’s voice was coming up from the south stairwell, so he sprinted to the north one.

He hurried down the stairs, taking two at a time. He then felt a sudden pain in his back, which made him halt his run.  It felt as though something was growing out of it. He tried to ignore it as he returned to his pace. He then reached the front doors, and pushed them both open, finally making his escape.






                The sun blazed onto Isaac’s tan skin as he sat in the lifeguard chair watching over the water.  He reached onto his back as to casually scratch it, but really he was feeling for the vertically long bump that was forming there. He wore a bandage on his right hand to cover up the shark, saying that he had sprained it while working out. Mrs. Clemington had left a message at his house asking why he had left in such a hurry, but he hadn’t called her back. He was wondering if she had noticed the change of the painting, but as he was thinking about it now, she probably would never notice it.

“HELP! MY DAUGHTER’S DROWING,” a mother squealed staring out about a 100 meters into the blue where her daughter kicked and screamed trying to keep her head above the water.

That’s when Isaac leaped into action.

He grabbed his lifeguard buoy, and jumped from his perch. He ran into the water, and then dove when it was deep enough. He hurried towards the gasping child, but that’s when he felt it.

Something stung both sides of his neck. Both his hands came up to it in reaction. He squirmed in pain as the stinging grew, and while all this was happening, he could keep himself needing another gasp of air.

From under the water he heard another shriek from the child as she couldn’t keep her struggle up any longer. He ignored the pain, and focused on his true purpose swimming as fast as he could towards the child, ignoring the pain. Just as the rest of her head was being consumed by the water’s blue jowls, Isaac lifted her above the water once more, and onto his buoy. He came up above the water as well, to be welcomed by cheers on the beach from him saving the drowning girl. Once he got to the shore, he set the child onto the beach, and she looked up at him. Scared tears were still running down her face, but she smiled and thanked him, and then went to hug her mom.

As Isaac walked back to his lifeguard stand, he realized he didn’t gasp for breath when he came above the surface of the water. He found this a bit odd since he had been under the water quite some time because of his struggle. His hand went back to his neck in remembering the pain he had felt, and instead of their being a lump like on his back,

There were two little openings, that he knew right away were gills.

The End

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