Rasmus, Voodoo

"Da, 'ell. Where 'm I?" Rasmus felt a heavy darkness surround him. Last thing he recalled was seeing a strange looking man appear out of nowhere back at the school. He whispered something in his ear, it wasn't even a word. It sounded like glass shattering, then he fell.

Now he was lost in this fog. He could hear something to the north. Drawing his jacket around him he walked forward.

"'ey, anythin' out dere?" Rasmus noticed something flicking by his foot. It appeared to be a tail?

"You're dreaming Rasmus, your life to this point was just a dream," The voice beckoned him forward.

"I be dreamin' den what is happenin' right now? Who d' 'ell was th' skinny man?" The fog began to dissipate the closer he got. The sight in front of him was even more confusing. It was the same height as himself, it appeared to be a fox. However, the creatures fur gave off a soft glow as the fog dissolved about it. The other oddity was the creature had not one, but nine massive tails. The creature didn't speak but Rasmus could hear it's thoughts echo through his mind. 

"We're on the plane between life and death, that man is from the other side. You are charged with protecting a barrier, we are charged with protecting the gateway. I am Kitsune, the trickster." Rasmus blinked in confusion, he was dead? Reading the thoughts, the fox replied. "You are not dead, but unless someone can reverse the damage done. I don't think you'll be waking up again. Trust in the Lunar Wolves, the petite and golden haired girl are to be trusted. Helios is a brother in arms, you two will need to settle your petty fights if you want to keep the gate closed."

Rasmus gave in with a soft groan, "Allright fox' if y' be talkin' about me being a savior and all da' noise. How'd I wake up?" The fox said nothing further as it stood up, beckoning the youth to follow him they began to wander through the fog.

The End

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