Aurora: No, bye.

Have you heard the prophecy of the lunar wolves and the solar foxes?"  She asked. 

I really didn't feel like hanging around with the girl  she had this rather Uncomfortable vibe coming from her then it hit me she is a wolf.

" No I don't and but I do know." I quite down a bit, " That i'm a fox,and your a wolf. Anyways I feel a little to unsociable to talk today." I say as I take off at fast pace she wasn't going to catch me.  I look back she looked somewhat confused. 

I turn around through a few  trees and come upon the school agian. It seemed darker , a whole bunch darker. It made me curiouse , I felt an urge to check things out. I sneak in and out of the shadows, I saw two wolves carrying a fox. Should I intervene? He is one of my own , I guess I don't have a choice. At one moment I stand behind and the next I appear in front of them. 

" Oi , I hope you two didn't hurt him because I really don't feel its a good day to become a killer." I say darkly.  They both become infuraited.

" you foxes constantly accusing us of hurting your kind! It gets irratating after a while!" One says loudly.

" So it wasn't you then. Just a minor question though why are you carrying him?" 

"Because he is my boyfriend." The white haired girl said protectivively. I resisted luaghing.

" Thats interesting , slightly hard to beleive but ,convincing enough. I'll have to keep an eye on you two." I reply then flash out of view. 

I'm really only around the corner of the two wolves.  I was making sure the air current moved towards me so they woulnd't smell me.  I was going to follow, but then something behind me grasps my shoulder.

The End

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