Badra- Fear and Anger

I’ve never been very confident looking for people. In fact I try to avoid people, so looking for Rasmus was against my nature, and like always, I was scared.

Let me take this opportunity to make a list of the things that scare me.-

Number one, is Helios; then strange people; being in a barren place;  cats; bugs; yelling; crying; fungus; heights; sharp objects; and my anger. And those are just a few; ironically, I’m even scared of fear.

 I saw Rasmus in the hall near the boys lavatory, his face was wet, and it looked like he had just seen a ghost.... but then again, our kind has been seeing ghosts since we were born, so that couldn’t be it. I’m guessing he just felt like washing his face. To him, the situation must have been hard to follow.

 The entire corridor was empty except for the two of us. He stood idly in thought, looking slightly irritated; I’m guessing he didn’t like the gravity of the situation. I began to walk towards him....when he appeared, out of thin air, the man a top hat. He was too thin and too tall to be a human. His smile was too.....well, I couldn’t explain it. It was like his mouth extended to his eyebrows. He bent down to Rasmus’ ear, and whispered something I couldn’t hear. I slunk back.

 It was simultaneous. His lips moved, and Rasmus hit the floor. For a second, I thought he was dead. I gasped. I wanted to scream, but I covered my mouth before I did. I watched, as the man, walked towards me. He was a stranger, no, it was a stranger. I was alone, in a barren place, with some strange monster, and an unconscious fox; to add to that, I felt angry at the top-hat creature, so obviously, I was scared.

   He passed by me, tipped his hat in greeting, and simply walked away, before dissappearing all over again. The second he had had vanished, I ran to Rasmus. Luckily, it seemed he was just unconscious. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was alone, I couldn’t just leave him there to go call for help, and he was too heavy to lift. So I hoped that Luna would simply appear or even Selena, Mondschein, and Candra; anyone who I knew, anyone, except Helios.

 As luck would have it, Helios was the one who got there first. Now, I was in an isolated place where a strange creature had just made Rasmus collapse, and to hurl in his own bit of fear into the already overflowing pot, Helios was staring at me, teeth bared. His eyes were blazing, as he clenched his fists and let out a low growl.

 “What the HELL DID YOU DO?!” He yelled.

 As anyone could imagine, I was absolutely petrified. My anger drowned in my fear. I couldn’t find my voice.

 " hat....” was all I could mutter. I was paralysed. I was scared. I didn’t want him to hurt me. I hated the pain, the blood, and the bruises.

 Helios charged forward, his entire bulky form quivering from head to foot. His face was red, his eyes like burning flames. His growls became more threatening, and his nails seemed more like claws to me. He wanted to rip me to shreds.

 I’m guessing my body simply got tired of the fear, tired of the anger, weary of the mixed up emotions, exhausted from the activities of the day and drained of the drastic changes that kept jerking me around. At that moment, my emotions shut off. I felt blank. There was only one emotion left; my anger.

 Who was he to constantly snarl at me, to bully me? I was trying to help him, and he refused to listen to me. He asks for Luna and my help, we agree, only to be treated like dirt? Who gave him the gall. I faced half of my fears for a guy who was now going to rip me to shreds, well, I wasn’t going to allow it.  So what if he was big, the bigger they are the harder they fall right? I refused to back down.

 “Shut your trap you stupid little insect,” I snarled right back, I didn’t like getting angry, but this is my only method of self defence, “I found your inconsequential foxy for you didn’t I. You should be bowing to my damn feet!”

 “You little...,” he restrained his words, “what do you think I am?! HOW DARE YOUR KIND HURT....?” I cut him of mid sentence.

 “I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!” I yelled. “You think that all I want is to hurt your insignificant little fox friends? You may have nothing better to do, but, I do!”

 “Then WHO DID, HUH!?”

 “Some creepy top-hat dude! I couldn’t figure out how, he just whispered something freaky, and Rasmus fell. I couldnt just leave him here!” Helios’ anger dispelled, but he looked very worried now. His voice softened, and his fists unclenched

 “Then why didn’t you say that, instead of looking at me all guilty like.”

 “Because.....” my anger had dispelled. The fear began to creep back inside me, so it was not easy to speak,“because.....”

 “SPIT IT OUT!!” He was obviously nervous, but his yelling just made it more difficult to speak, so I just blurted it out

 “I WAS SCARED OF YOU!!” I yelled as I began balling, from fear and embarrassment. I cried and wept and sobbed. I was so scared he would hit me with a metal bar, or rip me to tiny pieces with his nails. But he just stood there, looking completely perplexed, scratching his head.



The End

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