Helios, Wasn't born to follow

Helios sighed as Rasmus stormed out of the Library. He honestly couldn't blame him. He hadn't seen Rasmus take anything seriously, ever. Being told he was some "ancient" guardian of the barrier that keeps all those nasties on their side couldn't be the best news for him.

"Great, just slaggin' great!" Helios gave the stack an annoyed kick. He followed out of the library. He wasn't the biggest fan of the situation either, Luna had somehow found her wolves right off the bus. He was barely able to detect Rasmus when the trickster came up behind him. Yet she was able to sense them out.

"She has commoderie, you're too proud to admit you need help.." A voice whispered to him. Spinning around Helios froze in his tracks. A teacher stood behind him, at least he believed it was a teacher. He never recalled any of them wearing a top hat like that, the man was thin, too thin for a normal human... "The barrier is cracking fox, I suggest you locate your comrades before I do," Helios didn't wait any further before turning tail. He hoped Luna may be of some help. They both had the same job, least she could do is help.

He found Luna and the quiet one in study hall. She glared at him as she approached. Holding up his hands in mock surrender Helios narrowed his eyes to the ground.

"I-I need your help." Luna didn't avert her icey gaze for a moment.

"Why? Still can't find any of your own?" Helios sighed, he hated to admit when he was outmatched. His clan were warriors, thinking was never a strong suit.

"I found Rasmus, he's one of mine. However I can't sense any of the others. I was hoping I could get your help. I didn't exactly do so hot with Rasmus either. He freaked out and ran off," he gestured towards the tiny girl beside Luna. "You sensed your own without a problem. I was hoping you could help me out, maybe calm down Rasmus if you find him." Luna said nothing further as she got out of her seat. She picked up her backpack before Badra peeped up.

"I...I saw Rasmus, he was trying to find Selena, he was freaking about seeing things." Luna gave her a curios glare before Helios spoke up.

"I think the barriers breaking down already, I saw something in the hall too. A thin man, too thin for a teacher, with a freaky top hat. We can resume hating eachothers guts after we locate the rest of my foxes." Luna paused for a moment before looking at Badra.

"Fine! I'll help you, but if this is some stupid trick I'll make sure you live just long enough to regret this. Understood?" Helios gave a grateful nod before Badra got up. Luna gestured towards the west wing, "We'll search this direction. You go the other way. If you are too slow to sense your foxes, may I suggest looking at the teeth? We were all marked remember?" Helios didn't respond as he left for the east wing of the school.

Luna sighed to herself, Helios was an idiot, but she knew this was about more then just her wolves. Especially if the barrier completely dissolved. There would be a lot of innocent lives in trouble.



The End

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