"What in the world were you doing up there?" I asked, watching the fox- I knew him to be a fox- fall to the ground.

"Um..." He quickly sprang to his feet and shook some twigs out of his hair. "Nothing, really."

I held my hand out. "What's your name?" I asked, when one was not forthcoming.

He shook my hand. "Aurora." he said, seeming rather embarrassed. "Yours?" he asked.

I looked at my shoes. "Well, you're not alone with the strange name. I'm Mondschein."

He tried to form the strange word in his mouth. "You're right." he laughed. "It's rather difficult to pronounce."

I wondered how I ended up talking to a fox, of all beings! Was he ignorant? There could be no other way he was just chatting so casually, could there be? I decided to find out.

"Do you know the prophecy of the lunar wolves and the solar foxes?" I asked.

The End

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