Bhadra- Trust.

Today was a strange day. I met a girl with hair slightly like mine (except prettier) named Luna.  She seemed so nice. I thought it was because her hair was like mine, but even the other girls she was sitting with, they all seemed nice. It was  like I could trust them, like we were.... a family. I couldn’t help but believe what she told me, and oddly enough, I feel like the moon and the wolf thingy is all very natural. I mean, I’ve always been the weird one. I see shadows where there is no object to make them, orbs of light where there is no source, so, I guess somewhere deep down, I always knew.  

 Helios still scares me, though I don’t feel as scared when my sisters are around. I felt scared of Rasmus too at first. His teeth were long (I shouldn’t complain, cause mine are too) but I felt like he was going to eat me. He seemed nice enough. He made me laugh, though Luna thought he was trying to hurt me. She shooed him away. Now that I think about it, he could have been being nice because he wanted to eat me. I guess I’ll never know. But I don’t trust him. For some reason, I think it would take some time before I can.But I still have to pay him back for helping me with my locker.

   My mind wasn’t much in class; I was staring at a strange floating ball that seemed invisible to everyone else. It appeared in the corridors and the hallways too, but to me, they have always been there.

  I noticed Rasmus trotting frantically down the hall ways looking for someone. He seemed confused. I walked up behind him and grabbed onto his hand.  

“Wow!” He jumped back. “ Wo’ der  petite,” I think I frightened him this time, “no big sis to get a’ snarly ‘is time?”

“I just saw...that, looked confused, so, to pay you back for the locker...I wanted to...umm... help, if I a way..if possible.”

“Do ya know where ya otha sis is, petite?” he asked, still looking slightly lost and oddly enough, scared.


  “The one with the funky platinum hair and yellow streaks.”

“Why?” Suddenly, I didn’t want to trust him. I felt afraid that he’d hurt her.

“Chill ‘ittle girl, no need to get a’ mad, jus some’in strange go’in  on. Gotta ask ‘er bout it.”

“Can you see that?” I asked pointing to the floating white ball. If he could see it that probably meant that he was strange like me. Then maybe I could let my guard down for a moment.

“Ya mean the flyin’ white thin’? Sure.”

“Oh! That’s...nice!” I felt slightly reassured.

“So ‘ny idea where she ‘s?”

I looked sheepishly at him. I felt slightly bad. I couldn’t give him a good answer.

“Um....I’m sorry...I ... you see....J really don’t know, ......though.......shouldn’t you ask......Helios.” I couldn’t help shuddering on speaking his name; he scared me....a lot.

“Thanks ‘or ya help petite, but na, I don think I can talk to dat guy.”

“But he’s your brother right? Your fox bro.....”

By that time he’d already run of in the other direction.  Looking as confused as he did before

The End

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