Rude awakening. Rasmus

"Da 'ells Red goin' on about..."

Rasmus stumbled out of the music room in a bit of a trance. Clan? World in balance? He felt a little dizzy at what this girl said. He steadied himself against a locker. He noticed something seemed to stand out, almost a flickering against the locker. He shook his head and began to follow Helios.

"Aight, let's me and 'elios have us a little chat."

Helios felt a presence behind him, moving at a steady pace. Did he find one of the foxes? He heard that annoying accent creep up behind him.

"'ey, we need t' chat, now. Clan? Savin' da 'orld? D' 'ells goin' on!" No, it couldn't be? He was one of the foxes?

"Fine, let's find somewhere a little more peaceful to chat." He lead Rasmus to the library. Last thing for either side was to have humans catch on to what was going on behind the veil. Rasmus gave him an annoyed glare, he was right to be angry. Hopefully he'll take the news too well, he was never good at this part.

"Allright, long and the short, we're special. We were both chosen along with three others, same age, same birthday. I'm sure you've noticed things recently. Shadows being a little more solid, almost moving on their own." He could tell Rasmus was having a hard time swallowing this. The youth had a habit of never showing what he was really thinking, Helios had a hard time reading him as well.

"Anyways, we're part of the Solar Foxes, a clan charged with keeping a barrier in place. If the barrier breaks, you know all those things you dream about? The monsters, the myths, and creatures under your bed? They break into our side and nobody wants that. The Lunar Wolves are the other half of the coin. We're going to need them to keep things in check. You know that girl who blasted you for helping out the runt. She's their leader, so keep sharp around her.

Rasmus blinked at Helios, "Da 'ell..y' be on somethin' really good." Helios growled, baring his own fangs. You think these are for show? I got the same set as you do, same as them! It's all we got left to find the others. The rule is we need the five descendants." Rasmus finally snapped back

"Shuddup! I ain't interested in dis, dis is mad! I got some funk' teeth. Da' it!" So you and yer fox' doggies, or whateve' the 'ell yer about can deal with 'is on yer own." He walked away from Helios back into the halls. He could feel his head swimming, he had to get somewhere away from this noise. Walking past a classroom window he nearly dropped his backpack, along with his lunch. He saw his reflect cast back at him, but the faint outline of several tails behind him. He nearly fell backwards as he felt his stomach lurch.

"Dat..Nah I'm seein' stuff. I'm just tired, dat's all. I be norma, just lik' eveyone 'lse.right?"

Helios didn't seem to be the friendliest, but girl who caught up with him seemed to have a good grasp on this. He knew he had to find her, he wanted answers. He had a sinking feeling that Helios and this girl were right. Nine tails in his reflection? This was not right.

"Knew I shouldda called in sick t'day."


The End

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