As usual I sat with Luke in lessons, I couldn't have him thinking I'd abandoned him for a new group of friends, even if they were my sisters.  I could see Helios sitting in the row in front of me to my right.  I couldn't stop looking at him, there was something inexplicable that was drawing me to him.

'So who is he?'  Luke nodded towards Helios.

'No-one, just a guy I met this morning.'  I tried to focus on the page in front of me but my eyes kept drifting.

'Oh come on, the way you keep looking at him, there has to be more.'  I turned my back to Helios so I could look Luke in the eye.

'Are you feeling threatened?'

'Why should I be?  I'm not your boyfriend.  And that isn't an invitation by the way,' he hurriedly added.  'You're my best friend and things are going to stay that way.  Anyway, how did you meet him?'

'We had a run in on the bus this morning.  He's not exactly.. friendly.'

'Ahh, so you like the dark, brooding kind of guy.'  I elbowed him in the ribs.  'Ow!  OK I'm sorry.'  He rubbed his side a little more than was necassary.

'Please get back to work, Luke and Candra.  I'll have to seperate you.'  We both suddenly developed a keen interest in our books and remained that way until the end of the lesson.

'So how are you going to get him to notice you?'  Luke asked as we were packing our bags.

'Luke will you give it a rest he's not going to be interested in me.'

'Oh really?  Watch this then.'  He ran off to catch Helios before he left the classroom.

'Luke no!'  I ran after him, but I wasn't quick enough.

'Oh here she is now!'  Luke grinned at me.  'Helios this is Candra, my best friend.  You two are going o get on just fine.  I'll see you two later.'  I glared at Luke as he did a runner down the corridor.

'I'm sorry about him, he's a little...'  I just drifted off.

'It's OK.'  Helios moved to walk away.  I thought, well I'm here so why not try and talk to him, he's a human being.

'I'm sorry about what happened this morning.'  He stopped and turned.  'I didn't really know what was going on, but now I know the situation I'd really like us to get along.'  I smiled my warmest smile and it seemed to lighten his mood.

'Yeah that would be good.  I just need to find my foxes first.'

'I know.  If you need any help.'

'I know who to ask.'  And with that he walked off.

'I hope you know what you're doing Candra.'  Luna was standing behind me with a disappointed look on her face.

'What to you mean?'

'Oh come on!  You were totally flirting with him!'

'No I wasn't!'  I said indignantly.

'Sorry Candra, you were.'  Selena said.

'OK so I was, where's the harm in that?'  The others began to walk off, except for Selena who hung back and walked with me.

'I know how you feel.'  I turned to her.

'You don;t like Helios too?'  That would be my worst nightmare.  To have found a family to belong to only for it to be divided over a guy.

'No way.  It's.. the other one.'  I looked at her encouragingly.  'Y'know, Rasmus.'

'Oh right.'

The End

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