Selena meets Rasmus

After the initial shock of finding out that I was in fact a wolf, things started to calm down. I was mistaken about the girls; they did go to my school. Luna strutted through the gates and the rest of us followed. Badra got herself caught up in a bit of a mess though. She was checking her timetable when this arrogant, conceited boy strolled up to her. I'm not too sure what happened next. As usual, I had my headphones on, so I couldn't hear. They managed to get themselves hooked around my gold blonde hair, so I struggled to take them off. Next thing I knew, Luna was charging towards the rest of us, Badra's wrist in her grip. 

'This,' she said, her lips curling around her teeth, 'is exactly why we don't mix with them. Badra was practically ensnared by that Rasmus character.'

'I was not!' protested Badra, her wrist turning white under Luna's fingers, 'He just helped me open my locker! How was I supposed to know he was one of Helios' pack?'

'Calm down everyone!' I shouted. 'Badra obviously had no idea who or what he was. And maybe it's not such a bad thing that she got to know this Rasmus guy. Luna, you were the one who said both of our clans had to work together.'

'Yes, but I didn't mean it like that. Goodness knows what could have happened if I hadn't been there! Badra, you have to learn not to be so careless.' Luna went back to checking her timetable, 'Right, we've got a free period next lesson, so we'll figure out what to do then. Come on now, we can't be late for class, can we?' 

She walked away.

'I suppose she's right,' sighed Mondschein, 'but I think Luna's getting too worked up over all this. The prophecy doesn't exactly state when the world is going to end. In the meantime, I think we should get to know our male counterparts a little better, don't you?'

'I'll say!' said Candra, winking, 'They may be our sworn enemies and all that, but we can still have fun!'

'Hmm...I still think one of us should check out Rasmus.' I said.

'There he is!' Badra exclaimed.

He looked as if he was headed for the music rooms. I ran to catch up with him.

'Hey,' I said, breathlessly. God, no wonder Badra acted like she did. He was so...

'Umm...' he looked confused, 'do I...know you at all?'

'Sorry, no.' Oh no, now you're sounding like a stalker. Think fast! 'That girl you were talking to just now...'

'Petite? Oh, I don' know her. I jus' thought she looked a bit lost, that's all.'

'Listen, don't try working your charm on me. I know what you are, one of Helios' boys. Luna's awful mad at you for trying to get with one of her girls.'

'Hey, hey, calm down! I wasn't tryin' to get with nobody! And I assume by "Luna" you mean the one that came down on me like a harpy just a few minutes 'go?' He smiled. His teeth, that cinched it. He was definitely one of them. 'Hang on a second. Did you say I was one of Helios' boys? Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but only to make fun of.'

'You know what I'm talking about. The prophecy. You must know by now. Surely Helios told you?'

He still looked very confused. Then it suddenly dawned on me. Rasmus had no knowledge of the prophecy or what he was. 

'Oh God, I'm so sorry! I must have mistaken you for somebody else. Sorry, sorry...' I shook my head, faking embarrassment.

'It's alright red face!' I wondered what he was on about until I realised I was blushing scarlet. 'Usually girls don't look twice at me, and now I've had two falling at my feet in the last ten minutes! Am I dead?'

'No, but I'm doing you a massive favour here. Go and find Helios. Tell him you are one of his kind. He'll tell you all about it.'

'Hang about one second! I am not talking to Helios voluntarily! And what do you mean "One of his kind"?'

'Just don't question it. You need to find Helios. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and I really don't want to be the one telling him one of his clan has deserted him. Just go. Now!'

He looked at me, and with a last confused expression, turned and walked down the hallway. I walked the opposite way, trying to stop myself doing somersaults. I had broken the last taboo of the sisterhood of the moon. I had fallen for...a fox.






The End

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