Enter Rasmus

As the youths began to file into the school, Rasmus wandered in amongst the crowd.

"Anoth' borin' year," He sighed, the problem to him with the school is the stifling atmosphere, they were often not the biggest fans of his jokes. He grinned as he spied Helios storming into the school. He was on even grounds with the sulking youth most of the time, however Helios had a talent for never taking his joking on the best of terms. This was not a day to have his fun with Helios, Rasmus decided to see if anyone else was of interest. Few girls crowded together, boring! Rasmus noticed a quiet girl with white hair looking about as she checked a scrap of paper. Grabbing an elastic around his wrist he tied his brown hair into a ponytail and picked up his pack.

"Y' be lookin'a little lost petite, can I 'elp?" The tiny girl nearly yelped as he startled her. Rasmus mused he probably had a clear foot on this girl. He brushed his brown hair out of his face as he gave his most apologetic smile. "Sorry petite, I didn' mean t' startle ya. Be the teeth ain' it?" He licked his lips over the extended canines. Last thing he needed was to give the poor girl a heart attack.

"I umm, sorry I didn't mean to stare," the girl stammered as her eyes averted to the ground. Rasmus grinned as he tried to calm her down.

"N' worries petite, names Rasmus. Can I 'elp ya locate somethin'" The girl nodded for a moment before showing Rasmus her paper.

"I'm not new, I ..just didn't get my locker from last year. N..names Badra, umm I'm trying to find my l..locker," Rasmus took a look at the number scrawled on the paper.

"I c'n help ya find 'at, follow me," The girl gave him an apprehensive look for a moment before trailing behind him. Rasmus gave her a puzzled look for a moment before slowing down. "Y' really aren't from around are y' petite?" The girl nodded as Helios stormed by both of them. She seemed to shrink away from the jock. Rasmus gave her a reassuring grin. "Dun worry yer 'ead about him, Heli' just woke up in a bad place again. I thin' he just need' t' unclench that stick h' be holdin' fer the last few years." The tiny girl gave a giggle, Rasmus spied a set of canines much like his own. That's new, he mused to himself. Maybe the tiny girl had some interesting stories to tell.

They found the locker before long, and now the combination didn't work. Badra fumbled with the lock for a moment before Rasmus offered to help.

"Somtime' it just takes a little finess'," he explained. He didn't feel like telling her for him, finesse consisted of a few breaking and enterings to amuse his own ends. The lock popped open with a resounding click. Rasmus scribbled down the proper combination for the quiet girl before feeling a solid hand grab him from behind.

"Rasmus, stop tormenting her!" Rasmus tried to give his most innocent grin, noticing the canines on this girl he wondered if the quiet one and this angry one had something in common.

"Sorry, just helpin' petite find her place in the scary worl'."

Yea, real bright he scolded himself. He noticed Helios watched the situation unfold with his own smirk.

"Hey, petite mind tellin' yer friend 'ere I'm not the bad guy dis time?"

The End

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