I'd thought this fist day would be easy but after being told I was the descendent of wolves and the world as we knew it would change unless we found the descendents of the foxes and save the world was all a little too much to take in.  OK then I'm being overdramatic but that's what it felt like.

When the bus stopped at school the five of us piled out, the gut Helios was just behind us.

'Good luck with finding your lot.'  Luna smirked at him.  He bared his teeth in response and I could feel the other girls wanting to pounce on him and rip him to shreds.  I wasn't a particularly violent person so I assumed that was why I didn't have the same level of hatred for him.  The bell rang and we all hurried into the building.

'Where have you been all summer?'  Luke appeared behind me throwing his arms around my tiny body in a massive bear hug.

'Hey Luke, good to see you too.  These are...'  I couldn't call them my sisters.  'Some new friends of mine.  Luna, Selena, Mondschein and Badra.'  He smiled at them.  'I'll see you guys later,' I said as Luke pulled me off towards the drama room.  Although I wasn't with the others anymore I still felt a connection to them, it was totally weird.  But I liked the idea of having sisters.  For all of my life it had just been my mum and me.  My dad had done a runner and my mother's parents wouldn't speak to her after she refused to give me up, so I never had the feeling of belonging to something bigger.

'So tell me, how was your summer?'  Luke was walking along, his arm now draped over my shoulder.  I told him all about my summer around Italy with my mum.  It had been gorgeous weather all the time we were there and we had spent most of our time walking around beautiful towns and cities.  'OK then don't rub it in.'  I laughed.

'You were the one who asked.'

The End

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