I pushed my way through the crowd and hopped onto the bus. After getting a ticket, I looked round frantically for a seat, praying the bus would go before Helios managed to catch up with me. I noticed one next to someone I immediately recognised as a wolf like myself. I slid into the seat next to her. She turned from staring out of the window, a slight look of confusion on her face.

"Hey are you new?" she said.

"Yeah I am.  What's your name?"

"I'm Candra, what's yours?"

"I'm Luna." I told her, smiling. That smile was wiped off my face by a snarl from behind me. I whipped round to see Helios, his lips curled back to reveal his oversized canines. Okay, so I have oversized canines too, but I don't go around advertising it.

"Go away, Helios," I said, trying to be polite, but I couldn't stop a growl escaping. 

"Why should I? It's a free country," he said, or rather snarled.

"Because you," I said, pointing my long midnight blue painted nail at him, "need to find your beloved foxes. Whereas I," pointing to myself, "have already one of my wolves. I suggest you leave me and Candra alone."

He went away, but only to sit at the back of the bus. I turned back to Candra. She looked very confused and a bit scared.

"Did you say I was a wolf?" she asked.

Oh, sugar, did I say that out loud?

The End

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