I lay in bed on the first day of school, staring up at the celing, focusing on having to get up.  It seemed like there was far too much effort in getting out of bed so early in the morning.

'Candra.  Are you up?'  Mum's voice floated up the stairs.  I didn't answer.  Maybe if I pretended to be asleep then she'd ignore me.  'Candra?'  Footsteps on the stairs, along the corridor.  Mum walked into my room, still in her favourite pyjamas, with her I-will-win-this-argument face on.  'Come on Candra get up, you've got to go to school.'

'No.'  I buried my head under the duvet.

'Yes.'  She climbed onto my bed pulling the duvet off over my head.  'Yes Candra.  You are getting up.'  She took hold of my wrists and tried to pull me out of bed without success.  The whole situation descended into a playful wrestling match between the two of us and we ended up collapsing into fits of laughter.

I had a very close relationship with my mum, some said it was weird, we were almost more like friends than mother and daughter.  I suppose that was partly because my mum was so much younger than others.  She had had me when she was only fifteen, the same age as I was now.  Her parents had wanted her to give me away but she had refused and fifteen years later here we were.

'Come on Candra, I can't make you get up but you have to.'  She looked at me with big eyes.  'Please.'  I rolled over and out of bed, landing neatly on my feet.

'All you had to so was ask nicely.'

'You cheeky..'


Half and hour later I made it out of the house on time, my black curls flying as I ran to the bus stop.  I made it just in time to get my ticket and find a seat.  I looked out the window, watching house afer house pass by.

At the next stop more students got on but I didn't notice until someone sat in the seat next to me.  Someone I didn't recognise.

'Hey are you new?'  I felt like I'd seen her face before but I couldn't place it.

'Yeah I am.  What's your name?'

I'm Candra, what's yours?'

'I'm Luna.'

The End

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