The Childeren of the Prophecy

They have gathered, the five childeren of the wolves, and the five childeren of the Fox. The dimentions between the earth that all know, and the earth that no one has seen, is about to fall apart. The sisters of the Luna's Sky, and the brothers of the Land of Helios....they must find a path threw thier hatered, to join against something greater than themselves.

“And as the night grew darker still,

When no light shinned from the palest moon,

Her mirror shadowed from the Sun,                                                                                   

Five were born at the hour of new beginnings,                                                          

When all was quiet and light grew black,

To howl their song of hope renew

And praises to the Skies of Luna.”

                                       Prophecy of the Lunar Wolf



“And as the day was shadowed dark,

And the sun denied His throne-

by the moons chaste shadows,

Five were born of Earth and Sun,

The children of keenest eye and radiant cloak,

To whisper words and glory tales,

Of the Earthen lands of Helios.”

                                         Prophecy of the Solar Fox              




The End

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