Marietta was jet lagged from the flight from Texas here. So she slept for a few hours. Once she woke up, she decided to get herself more acquainted with the medical unit. As she arranged the bandages, a woman came in. "Where is the asprin?" "Sorry, I don't know where it is." Marietta laughed. "Did you arrive while I was asleep?" The woman rummaged through the cabinet. "Yes I did. My name is Katrina West. I was bringing over Agent A's annoying daugther.Which is why I need the asprin." She brought out a bottle and took two pills. "So, why are you here?" "Oh. Well I'm a doctor. My name is Marietta Daser." Katrina got a glass of water and took the medicine. "So, since we're gonna be here for a few days we might as well get to know each other. Marietta nodded. "You go first." she said, hoping that she might be able to avoid any questions about herself. She sniffed the air. "Do you smell something?" Katrina frowned. "No. Why?" But Marietta had already rushed out of the the room. The smell was getting stronger. The undeniable stench of smoke.

The End

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