Katrina West


I watched as the sky darkened; it was great to be arriving at this time we did: before the full panic of the meteor’s news leaking out, but after Agent A would have done the full introductions, so we could sneak in unnoticed. Not that we would…

I raised a curled fist and knocked sharply on the door, it seemed the guard was taking a break. Another good thing about being there then, is that now Jennifer will stop moaning.

“I’m gonna miss all my education…How long is this journey gonna take? Will there be sustainable food in The Bunker?”

God, I’m never going to have children.

The door swung open and Agent A’s head poked out. I watched her expression: shock, then anger (spread over her face in the goofily arrogant way it does).

“Agent K! What are you doing here?”

“Bringing you company.” Then I stepped aside to reveal Jennifer , and watched Irma’s face change again.

“Hi mum.”

As Irma ran to embrace her daughter, I peered in The Bunker, the creation I helped to design. After all, I better see where I would be staying for the rest of my days. I expected to see a room filled with curious faces that gazed toward my cheekily grinning one, or even a couple of people, who had not gone to see the rest of The Bunker, look up… But the room was deserted. It didn’t make sense; there was not enough room back there for all of us.

“Hmm. It seems we’re still waiting for a couple more people to arrive.”

The End

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