Role Call

After (sort of) tending to Charlie’s wounds and letting Dr. Daser take him, I made my way over to Sandy. She was trying to get everybody sorted but she seemed a little hesitant. I don’t blame her, to be honest, there are many people here. I’m losing count.

“Let me take over, Miss Beech. I was meant to introduce The Bunker and other stuff a bit earlier, but got kind of…distracted.”

She was a little annoyed that I seemed to be getting rid of her, but eventually reluctantly let me step onto a chair and clap my hands.

“Okay people, can I have your attention please? I’m Ashley Bondé and I helped to create The Bunker…I assume you all know why you are here, but let me give you a summary anyway. A meteor is going to hit the Earth in…actually I’m not sure how many days it is. Long enough for the rest of them to get here, I hope.” Where’s Agent K when you need her? Oh, yeah: In Essex, waiting to die from the massive meteor that will wreck havoc across the whole World…

“Anyway,” I said, snapping out of my cascade of sudden regret, “We’ve all been chosen by the government to survive and…repopulate…The Earth after the climate has settled down. This Bunker has enough supplies to last us half a lifetime though, so I wouldn’t worry.” I didn’t mention that we might have to put up with each other for that long too. “As you may have realised, The Bunker has medical facilities and there should be enough bedrooms for all of us. If not, we might have to do some sharing…” I hoped nobody took that the wrong way, or could see me blushing. “For now, there should be enough, though.”

Phew, that was a lot to say. They all better have taken that in.

“Welcome to The Bunker,” I said, as an afterthought. “Let’s see who we have. Firstly: me. The most important, obviously,” I looked up at their faces from the notepad I had just fetched off the desk. “I’m just kidding guys! Chill.”

Dr. Daser returned. “Charlie Basset’s in the Medical bay. He needs some rest but should be as right as rain later.”

“Thank you, Dr. Daser.” I noted her name and Charlie’s on this list as I spoke, “Next.”

“Torren Chrome.” A hand went up from the group below me.

“Ah, you’re still here. Good. And then I think it’s just you two and Griff.” I couldn’t bring myself to look up at any of them at that moment. Maybe there were less people here than I had thought when I started this role call. Well it’s a good way for people to get to know each other…

“-And me,” Sandy spoke up.

“I was coming to that… Sandy Beech.” It truly was hard not to snigger at her name. I held out the notepad to the lady.

“There. That should help you keep track of us.” Then I turned back to the rest of them.

“Now I’ll let you explore, but if you know of anybody who will be coming, I’d appreciate a note. Thank you.”

The End

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