Dr. Daser

"Did someone ask for medical attention?" said a voice. As everyone turned toward her, she promptly dropped her first aid kit and spilled its contents everywhere. Blushing, she bent down to pick everything up. "Dr. Marietta Daser." she said with a smile. "I guess your my roomies for the next...well, who knows how long! Now don't be fooled," she said, shaking hand with Erin, "I may just be thirty two but I have a degree in Medicine. They called me Daser the Blazer." She laughed with a snort and looked down at the figure. "Hmm, I see you have it under control. Excuse me." She handed the figure an ice pack and walked away. She sat down on a couch far from the group. Man, she thought with her head in her hands, I made such a fool of myself. That what you get for spending more time in the ER than at social gatherings. She sighed sighed. While she was in the middle a big operation, she was calm and collected. But when she was around people and she became a bumbling idiot. Plus, she was very nervous. After all, she had been chosen out of almost all the people on the Earth to carry on mankind's existence. Her stomach cramped. Was she really worthy, she wondered, After all there was that incident... No. She told herself, no need getting worked up over the past. She was in the present now and that was all that mattered. She fingered her rosary. But if the past was behind her, why couldn't she forget?

The End

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