Another Newcomer

“…And then I realised that it had been all my fault!”

I was close to tears when I heard it. A soft thump, then a groan as a person drifted into the unconscious.

I jumped off the rough dirt ground at the side of The Bunker. A man lay by the closed door of the metal box, but I couldn’t yet see what the matter was. Probably walked straight into the door, silly thing. I looked up to see Griff standing above me.

As déjà vu crept into my mind I cried out, “Griff, do something! Get help or something!”

“I can do better than that,” he replied, then bent down and scooped up the crippled figure into his arms. Wow, he is strong. I admired.

I pushed open the door and frantically hurried in, getting some curious and some freaked out looks from the other inhabitants. It probably didn’t help that the next thing I yelled at them was:

“We need medical help here, people. Anybody…?”

A hand was raised and its owner timidly tiptoe-ran over to where Griff had then laid The Bunker’s new ‘guest’.  Unfortunately they happened to be the person I least wanted to see in the World right then.

“I trained as a Nurse for a bit,” said Erin-her-boyfriend-is-a-jerk-Holmes (I found her name out earlier via Miss Sandy’s small talk).

I didn’t respond, merely sat back away on my heels whilst I glared at her. On the other hand, when the newcomer spluttered awake, I was instantly by his side.

“How are you?”

”What’s your name?”

The End

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