No Veggie Patch

Well, this looked an interesting place...

I stood right outside the door, as the guard must have nipped off.

I didn't know what I had been expecting. An air raid shelter, perhaps? All metal and mud and flowers on the top, with a little veggie patch?

Well, that was wrong.

It was metal alright, but no flowers or veggie patch in sight. Depressing, really.

I hated the feeling I had, how I, Charlie Basset, of all people, had been chosen for life. How could I live with this?

Oh, yeah...In a bunker...with people I hardly know...for who knows how long...


I didn't even know why I was chosen! I was just sent all the information, old style. With letters for goodness sake!

How bleedin' retro!

Still, don't look a gift-bunker in the door.

Oops, door.


The End

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