Well I get to live

Torren chrome

"How am I special enough to live?" I ask myself as I pack my bags

Well thats a darn good question and I know the answers.  Well I was thinking I wasn't going to make it say becuase my job simply is developing technology. Currently on robot building. Which may come in very handy when this large hunk of rock crashes into the earth.  I just didn't think I would make the cut there was more knowlegdeable people than me that should be going.  The last thing I packed was a hum cybornetic arm into the bag. It was foolish childhood dream to build perfectly working robotic arms to be attatched to humans.  That was my second degree was human biology.  I finished packing and left for the plane which took forever.

When I got there I was amazed at human ingenuity on how secure the bunker looked from the outside. I knew most of it was underground but the outside had loads of multiple safety things and some things I that you wouldn't see in public use.  I walked wondering what type of people I would meet.

The End

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