'Tour Guide' Girl

I get sick of that ignoramus quickly. It doesn’t take long for the hatred for Lewis to rekindle up inside of me. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s not hatred…but I pushed those thoughts out of my mind long ago.

I walk over to the woman with the name like a tour guide, in the hope of a distraction from the two other people in the metal box. Great, a distraction of one person in a four-person room. Useful. Sarcasm was always my strong point, but it also cost me one of the greatest loves of my life, and a good colleague to boot. My mind starts to race back to that fateful day, when Sandy interrupts my train of thought with some ‘delightful’ small talk. Gee, this girl is really desperate to start a conversation, isn’t she? Well, I better come up with something good…

“So I hear you work for the government?” Don’t we all.

“Yeah, it’s a very interesting job. It includes all my hobbies: problem solving, travelling, acting…”

“Oh, interesting.” Wow, that’s a lot of hobbies. Mine are just: science, psychology, aliens and meteorology. Basically just lots of Science.

“So what about you, what do you do?” She asks me. Um…top secret work, thank you very much!

“I’m a scientist and I worked with the people who discovered this,” is my reply. I fail to mention the tiny fact that I was the one who discovered titanium alloy. Me…and Forrest…

Suddenly there’s a commotion from outside the building, something to do with the guard. Sandy and I stand up and hurry to the door.

Is someone trying to get in?

The End

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