I am sitting in the bunker. As I start reading a book a few more people come in. I greet them respectably and then get back to my book.

The atmosphere inside then goes rather tense, wow, what just happened? Did I miss something?

It was sort of like the time the Prime Minister and his wife, they look like they’re together just for the papers. Whenever they’re alone its all tension and ignorance. They decided to stay up on earth for another day or so to support the people in panic up there.

 Then one of the others come over to me. I think she was called Irma…

 “Hello Sandy, I was wondering if I could come and sit with you as it is getting very stressed over there” she points to the two people standing at the other side of the room in the heat of an argument. 

 “Well you are better over here then as it is much more peaceful.” She sits down and is quiet for a while.

 “So I hear you work for the government?” She asks.

 “Yeah, it’s a very interesting job. It includes all my hobbies; problem solving, travelling, acting…” I trail off yeah my job includes these things, but not in the way people may think.

 “So what about you, what do you do?” I ask.

 “Oh well I work as a scientist and I worked with the people who discovered this” she gestures around the bunker.

 “Oh I see…” I start to say something else but then something interrupts me.

The End

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