I look up from the wooden table I am seated at as two new people enter The Bunker. I gasp involuntarily then hope to myself that I didn’t just stare at the one of them with my mouth wide open like a dork for more than 20 seconds. I can’t believe he’s here! Actually…no, I can believe that his IQ would lead him to be invited, but it’s been so long… I make a mental note that next time I shall demand that Agent K show me the complete list of invitees…If there ever is a next time…

The girl accompanying Lewis Johnson looks timide and wholly un-special. She is greeted by the official-looking lady (who I discover is called Sandy) in pretty much the same way as I was. The two of them seem to get off to a smashing start and begin to chat right away, leaving Lewis standing by the door gaping at his surroundings. Yes, the bunker is quite a make; a bit like the TARDIS-bigger on the inside. But that's just an appearence; Team M figured out that if we crammed as many books as possible into the spaces of corners, and all the nooks of the shelves, the actual area of the remaining space appeared to be expanding.

I clear my throat and anxiously take a step forward.

"Johnson. Long time, no see. Still the prat you were five years ago?" I say to him roughly.

"Irma, Irma, Irma...Still the pedantic pen-pusher you were? I may have changed, but I know that you won't have."

"I am this close to slapping your smug face-"

"Fine. Go on then... It won't bring you any happiness...or Quantum Physics Equation answers for that matter..."

I scowl nastily at him. "So why are you here anyway?"

"Why do you think? The world needs my intelligence...It also needs to be repopulated after the exothermic chemical burning is over and done with."

I snort, mostly in disgust. "You...?"

"Oh and guess who I've chosen to be my mate?" Lewis says with a smug grin as he points over at his companion.


The End

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