Irma Bondé

The bunker doesn't look like much from the outside, but the tough titanium alloys have been tested too many times for Team M to be wrong. That's what I do; I work for Team M. In fact I'm their leader. Which, unfortunatly, is why I have been shipped off here, away from the comfort of my cold laboratories-and far away from my daughter at PheonixTail High School. I have no regrets though-if it weren't for me, some of The Earth's best and brightest would be burning with the large ionised meteor I spotted heading towards our planet. Innevitally there is no escape, and half the Earth will be burnt, but in my opinion, it will be good to get rid of some of those polluting, uncaring scum!

I watch an official-looking lady being let into the bunker by the heavily armed guard outside. I suppose I'd better get started if I want to prepare before the other...'guests' arrive. I take confident strides up to him (more confident than I truly feel), my long white coat giving me the slight air of authority that I currently lack.

"Name?" Said the guard, sounding tough and blocking the whole doorway with his bulk.

"Ashley Irma Bondé."

His sharp intake of breath is all I need to hear that he knows who I am. I see my name at the top of the list, but he doesn't even need to look down at it. The guard motions for me to enter, and that is it.

I am in the bunker.


The End

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