The Bunker

So basically, you are a person trapped in a bunker, and you have to get along with the people you are staying with, even if you don't want to, as you will be with them for a long time since a meteor will hit the earth. You need to have a good reason to stay in the bunker.

‘Sandy… Beech’ I said as I came up to the door of the bunker. There was a big and muscular security guard at the door holding a pen and pad.

‘We are not a holiday destination lady’ He replied. I sighed, how many of these stupid jokes do I need.

 ‘It’s my name, look it up, I have been invited to stay in the bunker.’ He raised his eyebrows but said nothing, and looked on the pad.

 ‘Ok, yes you are. Welcome Sandy, you are the first person in.’ I walked into the bunker, I expected it to be cold and cramped, but to my amazement it was big and roomy, and just the right temperature.

There were lots of furniture and many shelves of books to read, this is important towards my job. I work for the government, but I am pretty secretive about what I do. I was just about to go over and read one but just then another person came in…

The End

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