The Bugambilia Path

Even the simple and most common things in life have great meanings. After all life is made up of little details! This is my first rough story, hope you enjoy and I do appreciate constructive criticism. :) THANK YOU

Throughout Marilla's life, she had seen many flowers blooms. Her mother, a botanist, had taught her many secrets about flowers. Marilla had always enjoyed gardening, looking for the strangest, beautiful, and eye-captivating flowers she could find. But she never could imagine, that the flowers she passed by everyday on her way to work, would be the most simple, plain, and meaningful flowers in her life.

Marilla had always been proud of being a Virginian, after all this was the place where her favorite character had been born. President George Washington, born in Westmoreland County, Virginia. She worked as an accountant for a strong accountant company in Richmond, Virginia. She had been very successful in life, graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Business and Accounting at age twenty-one, two months later hired by this re-known company and being very well-paid. She had been working for almost three years, and everyday she walked her way to work. She lived in a flat just two blocks away and she believe in walking as doing a good for her health. Everyday on her way to and from work she walk pass a park adjacent to the Company building, bordering that park on the hedge, bugambilias blossoms. Bugambilias were such common flowers for Marilla, easy to grow and care of.

Bugambilias meant little for Marilla three years ago, now it held a very special meaning. Three years ago, she met Andrew, the landscape architect the company had hired to remodel the front gardens of their building. Marilla's boss, Mr. Brushen,  had great confidence and trust in Marilla and had asked her to join him in the interview with Andrew to discuss the design plans. Marilla knew about landscape design and was very happy she was included in the design process. That morning Marilla and Mr. Brushen were waiting for Andrew on Mr. Brushen's office.

After that morning, everything in Marilla changed. The interview with Andrew was a very enchanting one, not only was he very handsome and intelligent, but also grasp the idea of the aesthetics of nature. Mr. Brushen was very pleased with the design ideas for the front garden of the building and requested Andrew to start immediately. That evening Andrew had asked Marilla out to some coffee, which Marilla could do nothing but accept with great pleasure. They began talking about their lifes and careers. Andrew was a thirty-year old, solo working architect, his job was very unstable due to the fact that he did not work for any architectural firm nor had started a firm on his own. Nonetheless he liked his work as it was right now.

After many "coffee dates" Andrew had decided to ask Marilla out in a real fancy date. Both of them had enjoyed the date and two months later they were officially dating. The same day the garden was done. The garden was the prettiest garden among Accounting firms, red flowers were facing the street to call the attention and white flowers were accomodated near the entrances of the building to invite new customers to come in. Trees of little height were close to the building and the taller ones where place surrounding the builidng, casting a fresh shadow in a hot summer day.

Marilla was very happy, every piece of her life seem to fall in perfect place. But two years later she discovered a secret, painfully hidden from her by Andrew. On a bleak December day, Andrew was driving to an interview when a car accident took place. The driver had not seen Andrew's car due to the mist and had crash into Andrew's car. The impact of the crash had struck Andrew's chest with a great blow and compressed his chest to his heart. I rush to the hospital when I heard the news and prayed Andrew was okay. It was in the hospital that I learned his secret, he had heart problems and the compressing of his heart during the accident had done more harm to him, the only thing that could save him was a heart transplant and he was not at the top of the list suitable to receive one.

I stayed by his bedside, praying for his wellness, clinging to the hope that Andrew will hold on to his life (he suffered from circulatory conditions non-related to the heart). But Andrew knew it would not happen, his heart was very damaged not only for the accident but for leaving Marilla behind. Everyday Marilla was by his bedside, taking his hand in her always warm hands, and everyday Marilla had brought flowers from her garden to him. He remember the time Marilla had argue about his fascination with Bugambilias, he like bugambilias because they were loyal and strong flowers.

Marilla did not want to lose Andrew, she was that spark her life needed to move on and enjoy life. When she had been in college she had always aimed for being a straight A student, even if she had to sacrifice her social life. When she started working she barely had time to spare on anything else. But when Andrew came into her life, she squeezed him into her tight schedule, she did that happily.

Andrew had decided on his fate now, he decided to donate all his organs before being desconected from his source of life. How delicate and ironical life was getting. Andrew was alive because of a machine supplied with electrical energy. Marilla had cried when he made that decision and opposed to it.

"Please, don't do it. Doctors will cure you, just hang on, please." Marilla had kneeled beside his bed and begged him to change opinion.

"Marilla, dear, I know you are upset. I do not want to leave this world, leave you behind," Andrew said in a low voice, with all the energy he could muster, "but I cannot keep going on like this. I want to do one last good deed to the world before departing, please understand."

Marilla understood, Andrew had help beautify the world with his designs and creations and she understood the reason he wanted to donate his organs. He aimed for the greater good, somebody would benefit from his organs someday. Marilla nodded and gave him his last kiss before being leaving. Before their lips parted and the doctors asked Marilla to stand outside while they performed the surgery, Andrew told Marilla something. Very inaudible, but it was a loving heart talking to her.

"Follow the Bugambilia Path", he whispered, "I will always be here with you. I love you."

Two months after Andrew's funeral, Marilla still has an empty feeling whenever she goes to work. She recorded those final words and kept them with her always. Follow the Bugambilia Path. Nothing made sense anymore, and she cannot appreciated what she had appreciated before.

One day, walking to her work, she slowed down on the steps when something caught her eye in the park. She had not noticed the wooden frames in the center of the park before, now those wooden frames had vines creeping slowly on them, slowly turning into flowers, Bugambilias. The wooden frames encircled a path and in the middle was a tree with benches, it was to become a trellis of Bugambilias. Cantilevered trellis to shade from the sun when the flowers were fully grown. She walked toward the half grown bugambilias bloom, her heart beating fast. She expected to find Andrew sitting under the shade of the trees, but at this time of the day the park was deserted.

She got near the tree and was surprised to see the bark had been vandalized, carved into the most beautiful words in the world. It read:

Marilla, I will always love you.

-A :)

Marilla stiffled a half laugh half sob, Andrew had carved that message for her, he had designed this trellis for her. Ironically and very pleasingly, bugambilias bloomed. She sat down on the bench and watch the sun shining through the bugambilias. Yes, Andrew was here with her, not physically, but she could feel his presence, and a warm feeling like that of an arm wrapping around her shoulders.


The End

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