The Brotherhood: Soaring EaglesMature

The Brotherhood was founded to take one life to save many. Now, they are busier than ever. Corruption is running rampant all over the world, and they must return the world to democracy.

Corbin Garinel stormed into the stronghold.  The Brotherhood, as they were called, had a job to do.  They were assassins, although they would never call themselves that.  Tyrants all over the world would fear them, if they knew of their existence.

"Brothers, to the dining hall!" he yelled.

Soon, all of the members had gathered in the dining room.  Corbin usually didn't yell as loud as he had calling them this time.  Something very important must have happened.

Clearing his throat, Corbin began speaking.  Multiple simultaneous revolts had removed several kings from their station.  Most of them were noble and had no reason to suspect disloyalty from their subjects.  Now, the king who orchestrated the revolts had increased his territory ten-fold.

"This threat to freedom must be dealt with.  He rules through fear and an iron fist.  It is up to us to kill him.  It will not be easy, but then it never has been easy, has it?

The End

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