The Box

I bet you’re wondering who I am. Well, I hope you enjoy disappointment, cause I’ll never tell. But I can still get across what I want to without putting my identity out there.

See, there’s this box. I don’t really know what’s in it. I’ve burnt my hands every time I try to open it. It has some sort of magic on the lock, or something. It’s rumoured to have treasure from all over the world in it. Everyone wants it, and there’s supposed to be only one person who can open it. Tell ya what, if you’re that person, I’ll give ya half of what’s in it. You in?

Good. Now, the box is in Marina Square on the second floor of unit 44. When you walk in, tell the doorman the password, “Boxy Eighty Eight Five.” He’ll give you a key, and you go into the elevator. Make sure no one’s in there with you. When you’re alone, there’ll be a keyhole. I think you know what to do then. You still need to push the second floor button, but there are two-second floors. One for the key, and a regular one. Once you get there, there’ll be a dog. Can you sing any good? Don’t. Sing as badly as you bloody can. It’ll drive the dog crazy, so walk away as it howls. Go into the room with the window. You’ll find the box on the balcony. You know what to do. Don’t use the key, though, cause it’ll melt it.

The End

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