Catching Up

Many years have passed from that fateful night to where our story stands today.  Ari and Irina died.  It doesn't get much more clear than that.  They. Died.  When the King and Queen discovered the perils their daughter's souls were facing, they placed them in the hands of their capable protecters, Lexia and Vertas.  Lexia and Vertas agreed to place the souls in hiding in a distant world:  Earth. 

On Earth, they felt, their souls were safe.  They would stay safe until they were ready to return.  On Earth, the princess's souls were reincarnated.  They were both adopted as young children and raised on different sides of the planet.  Irina was raised in Beverly Hills, California.  Ariadne was growing up in Sydney, Austrailla.  They don't remember each other or their past life. 

Vertas looked at Lexia, "Are they ready, do you think?"

Lexia glanced at him, "It's been near two decades.  It's time for them to come home."

The End

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