Lexia walked over to the window, shaking her head. ‘You do realise, they will be out there?’

Vertas nodded. ‘It’s who they are. They will always fight.’

‘It just makes our job harder.’ Lexia laughed. ‘Not that they need us- they can out fight us if they put their minds to it. There they go,’ she pointed out the window. ‘Come on, let’s go get them before anyone spots who they are.’

The two protectors ran down the stairs, getting their weapons ready. There was no real rush, Lexia thought; the sisters could look after themselves. But it was better not to get on the parents bad side. They flew out the door, and in to the mist of battle.

‘Ari! Irina? Where are you?’ Lexia called out, knowing that her voice would fall on deaf ears. Looking around, she knew they had to find the princesses soon. War was not a place for teenagers- no matter how well they fought.

A cry went up to her right. ‘It's the princess! Someone get some help!’ she looked, and amongst the gaggle of people crowding, she could see the long hair that showed who the girl was. Irina.

‘Vertas!’ Lexai yelled. ‘Get to her. Now! I must find Ari.’ Find her before she could see her sister. Before she did anything stupid.

But it was too late. As Ari stepped over, Lexia blocked her view. Ari took a step forward. ‘Lexia. Move. Now.’

‘I can’t. You have to go back to the palace.’

‘Something has happened to my sister! I felt it. Now move. Please Lexia? I need to- need to see her.’

With a sigh, and a glance at Vertas, Lexia took a pace to the side. Ari ran past, and fell at her sister’s side.

‘Iri! Don’t do this! Please. I need you.’ She said, stroking Irina’s cheek.

Her sister smiled faintly as she replied. ‘I told you I hate that name.’

‘I won’t let you go! You will not die!’

Lexia saw the change in Ari’s face. Her eyes glinted as she held her sisters hand. She knew what was about to happen.

‘NO! get her away! Now!’ Lexia shouted, as she grabbed Ari to pick her up. But it was too late, and she and Vertas watched the two girl’s slump down in front of them. Ari had given her soul to her sister.

The End

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