Irina: Untitled for now

Chaos was everywhere.

Irina had lost sight of Ariadne as they entered the crowd of people, swinging swords and daggers at one another. Blood squirted out from several bodies, those of the enemy, and those of their own. It wasn't an easy task, determining who the enemy was. The fire's blazing flames cast only shadows and dark silohuettes of the warriors that surrounded the palace and swarmed like bees around the city. Irina caught sight of some people trying to get into the palace and charged at them with her sword. Clean slices brought them to the ground, bloody and in agonizing pain. She never knew what other enchantment my sword contained, but my guess was that it caused terrible pain based on the three writhing bodies at my feet.

She was scanning the walls of the palace to see if anyone else was trying to make a pitiful attempt to get inside. She couldn't see much, as the dark smoke from the billowing towers of the city wafted across my vision. She hoped and prayed that no one had gotten inside, as there were a lot of valuables within the stone walls of the castle. For a moment, Irina realized that not every valuable item was in the palace. Ariadne as well as herself weren't inside where safety awaited. Their lives were precious, or so they were told, and yet they were out there, risking them like they didn't have a care in the world.

A sharp sound brought Irina back to the horrors that surrounded her. It was the sound of a wailing child. She noticed a small boy in the middle of the street, scared and alone. Her heart contracted at the sight of him, and she hurried towards him, placing her sword back in the belt that hung on her hip. She sweeped the child up in her arms, and desperately looked for a place where he would be safe. She saw a guard approaching on horesback, and turned away, praying he wouldn't recognize her.

"Miss!" He called. "Don't you know that this is no place for you?" He demanded.

"Yes." She said, without turning around. "I'm sorry, sir. It's just that I saw this child and I wanted to help him." She explained.

"Give me the boy. He'll be safe, I give you my word. Now you should get back to safety immediately." Irina could feel his hands on her shoulder as he leaned down from his steed to retrieve the boy. She waited for him to ride away before turning around. Irina unleashed her weapon again, and began running back into the battle. She searched again for Ari, but she was no where to be found. She imagined the worst, but quickly pushed the thoughts out of her head.

More people were trying to get into the castle, and she rushed towards them, her sword in hand, ready to slice into the skin of the enemy. She swung the sword towards the bodies, but somehow, she was disarmed and knocked down onto the steps of the castle. There, a sharp stabbing pain shot through her torso, and she looked down to see the hilt of a knife sticking out between her ribs. Gasping and choking for air, she tried unsuccessfully to pull the blade from her body. When it proved useless, Irina knew she was going to die. Faintly, she heard someone's voice.

"It's the princess! Someone get some help!"

His voice echoed in my head and faded slowly as Irina slipped into the darkness that welcomed death.

The End

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