The BottleMature

I never thought I would never acquaint myself with the bottle but yet I did. My life was built around innocence. It all started from my middle school. I was an outsider, too lame too weird to be friends with. The first encounter with the bottle started was a "fuck you" to a society that believed I couldn't. That believed I was too innocent, too goody two shoes to do anything. It was a small encounter simply to prove myself. Who'd believe that I would be drinking no one. I dare it no one.

However it blossomed quickly. Perhaps a week or so after I befriended the bottle, the longest dream I have ever held on to was crushed. There was girl, a simple girl, but I loved everything about her. In my eyes she is still the prettiest girl on this planet and I would do about anything for her smile which could light up a night sky. She still is in my heart. I was down. But I soon learned that my new friend was there for me. The bottle could always bring me back up. However depressed I was the bottle was there for me no matter what I did no matter what I said,  the bottle never left. I often tried to drink that bottle until I never thought of her ever again and for the time being it worked.

The bottle did interphere with friendships though. One of my greatest friends was lost simply because of built up angry feelings that the bottle helped me convey. I lost another of my great friends too simply because he stayed away from it. I'm envious of him at the moment. He was a smarter man than I am.

So many friends were created over the bottle. So many knew it well. Its unfortunate... I would not have befriended them if it wasn't for our mutual friend, but yet I am close with them now. How sad it must be that a shared love of poisoning ones self can lead to friendship. How horrible. The bottle has brought me to the top of the world at one moment and to the fiery gates of hell. What an unfortunate dangerous friendship we have shared.

The End

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