Aaron: A Peace Offering

"What did you do to him?" A high-pitched snarl that would normally have had no effect on me, but would have gotten a human's toes curling in fear. Sharonne? My head throbbed badly, my body feeling battered and bruised. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't, feeling the tiredness weigh me down with a force I hadn't felt in my human or vampire life ever before. 

"I didn't do anything." Loren. She sounded so calm, so level-headed but I sensed the hint of panic and worry in her voice. "I'm telling you, I ran into him in the forest and the next thing I knew, we were ambushed."

"Oh, right, like I'm going to believe that."Sharonne scoffed but was silenced by Arabella whose voice was crystal clear among the whispers and hesitant murmurs of the others.

I could feel the presence of two people next to me, and as time passed, I could feel the bits and pieces of my strength reassemble. A few of the empathics were trying to heal me but it was a slow process; probably because I didn't share their blood.  

"Hush Sharonne," Arabella said softly. "Clearly, there has been a misunderstanding and it's best we come to an agreement. Fighting will get us no where." 

I couldn't help but wonder where the heck Sam was. Being the leader, he surely had a piece of his mind to share on the matter but if Sam had been there, he'd chosen to stay quiet as Arabella took the reigns on this one.

"Loren, do tell me how your attackers looked like. Were they humans or vampires?"

"We need not explain ourselves to them. What's done is done. Let's leave." It was one of the empathics, I didn't recognize the voice though. 

"No," Mal interrupted. "As much as I regret being involved with the likes of the sanguines, we have to sort this out. Both our clans play a part in this." 

I could hear the smile in Arabella's voice as she said, "Now Loren, will you answer my question?"

A moment of silence ensued, one in which Loren must have been trying to gather her thoughts but when she spoke, her voice was timid and she sounded confused, like she was still putting together the pieces. "They weren't humans, that I can tell you. They were too fast, too strong to be humans. But they weren't vampires either." 

"How could you tell?"

"I would've felt it Mal, I'm an empathic after all. But the only emotions I could read in the atmosphere were Aaron's. I didn't feel anything from those who attacked us." She paused, and then added, "But I'm dead certain they are hunters. Of what breed though, I do not know." 

A deathly silence hung in the air following Loren's statement. My concerns were on Arabella. She was the most experienced. Surely, she'd have dealt with such 'hunters' before. 

Before she got the chance to say anything though, I released an unearthly groan as my eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the dim light in the room. I didn't know where I was but I could feel the sudden rush of pain in my stomach. 

"Aaron!" Sharonne and Wes popped into view as they rushed to my side, concern written over their faces. I opened my mouth to say something, anything but I couldn't form the words. Giving up, I rested my head back down and closed my eyes. I was far from recovery but if any of those scumbags chose to return, I would need to be ready for a fight. 

The End

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