Aaron: First Step Towards Suicide

I wanted to know more about her. That much was obvious out of the whirlpool of emotions that were flying around inside me, clusters of anger, fear and curiosity mixed in them. Yet, I controlled the cloudy thoughts and pushed them aside, trying to fake a different outer facade while I stood here.

It had always been easy for me to act or to lie to my clan. I could say I had a certain 'talent' in getting away from the suspicions that people had for me. But I couldn't even trust myself around her. Something about Loren's deceptive blue eyes and the coy smile she had on her lips made me be on my best guard. I shouldn't trust her. That much I'd learned from the past.

"Unless you want to get yourself killed, you should go back to where ever you came from. My clan's only a fare distance away. And they naturally, wouldn't have second thoughts with what to do with you."

My voice was firm but every word was filled with uncertainty. I sensed she could see past my mask as she stepped one foot closer to me, the smile still lingering on her lips.

"Would you?" She asked. "Have second thoughts that is."

I pursed my lips and looked away from her. "I have a notion you know the answer to that."

I released my hand from the fist that it had unconciously formed in her presence and looked back at her, to only have my eyes meet hers as she stood only a foot away from me.

I tended to shun vampire scents away from me unless I was in the brink of danger, a second in which I needed to rely on them to survive. But I didn't with hers. It was a stranger to my senses. And definitely not vampire-like. It was like the scent of blood red roses. Sweet but untrusting.

"You should stay away from me for your own safety," I said softly, my gaze locked with hers. Yet her eyes didn't give away any hidden fear like I'd expected. What I saw in them the complete opposite.

"I think I should be saying that to you," she replied.

Yet, with both of us having exchanged our pleasent warnings, we stood transfixed t the spot, looking at each other in that everlasting minute. Serenity filled me but deep inside, to the core of my emotions, I couldn't help but feel that impounding sense of doom; I was taking my first step towards suicide.

The End

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