Aaron: Coincidental Meetings

How does she do it? Arabella stared up into my face, expectantly waiting for the answer to her question. With a sigh, I emerged into the details of the story; sharing my thoughts about the empathics with her and especially about the one vampire girl. But I decided not to tell her about my desire of seeing her once more. As much as I wanted to be honest with Arabella, I also knew that she might rat things out to Sam who's never  in the mood to agree with me.

"Did you tell Sam?" Arabella asked and I muttered back, "I think he's heard enough from the others to know."

She frowned and hopped off my lap, sauntering towards the door. "I still don't understand why you two don't like each other. Sam's a nice guy and so are you."

Apparently you're the only one who cares. She turned back and looked at me once more before leaving the room. Deciding that I needed a breather, I headed towards the window and made an easy jump outside and once again was met by the view of the tall trees and greenery. Making my way through the thick brush, I walked towards an unknown destination; not really caring about where this would take me. My focus was completely on my thoughts of the clan except now the silence and the fact that I was alone added to the intensity of them.

Questions pricked at every corner, gnawing away and increasing the desire to get my doubts answered with each second. This all felt strange to me and left me confused as I didn't know the cause of it all. Surely, none of the others were filled with the anticipation and excitement that had suddenly taken over me when I saw the clan. They directed more hostile thoughts while mine were of curiosity.

In the past, I had encountered a few clans such as these and through the vibe they emanated I was able to figure out that our bonds were unlikely to be of close ones. I presumed it would be the same towards this one, that the likeliness of them accepting us was low. But the fact that I wanted it to be completely different than how it should be, completely threw me aback.

I leaned back against the bark of a willow and looked straight ahead of me into long and everlasting forest. It was rather of a symbol of how my life would be. I'd live forever and the chances of seeing a rose bloom its way into my journey of immortality is not even probable.

The sound of soft footsteps made me stiffen and my gaze flickered towards the source. The surprise that hit me was inevitable and caught me offguard for a moment but my instincts knew not to trust her. As angelic as she might look, I could never trust an empathic. Though they feed on the emotions of humans, they could still use their powers to feel what we feel. And the best thing to do would be to mislead her so that she wouldn't take advantage.

Her blue eyes were cautious as she approached me, her stance showed confidence which was different from what I'd seen of others.

"You shouldn't be here," I whispered, swiftly looking around to make sure she was alone. What I saw confirmed it and I let myself relax slightly even though I had no reason to. She's to be untrusted.

"I'd like to say the same to you," she replied softly.

Instead of walking away, I stayed put and stared at her, trying to figure her out. Why is she here? I took a step back and could feel my muscles urge me to get away from her. But I didn't. And at that moment, I knew I was making a mistake.

The End

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