Loren: Contemplating

I heaved another dramatic sigh, staring at the blobbed patterns of dry paint on my ceiling. Being a vampire could get incredibly boring, and exceptionally tedious. I had always said to myself, when I was younger, that living for hundreds upon hundreds of years was going to be a complete advantage. I was never to grow old, never to get sick, and never going to die. It may seem like some human's idea of paradise.

But the truth of the matter was, I hated being immortal. I was still only one of the young ones as well, being just over a hundred years old. I couldn't imagine living for another couple of centuries. 

I was well sated from the recent feeding I had just taken. I never allowed myself to feel remorse when I took from the humans because it was just how I was to survive. Some may even call it survival of the fittest, but I'd say that humans have no idea vampires exist so they'd be at a complete disadvantage. I wasn't like the vampires we had seen tonight though... They fed on blood. The very nectar of life. The thought nauseated me a little; I could never imagine piercing someone's skin, ripping it open in pure desperation, and physically consuming their life essence.

Although I suppose what I did wasn't much better. Empathic vampires survive on the emotions of humans, but in order for us to be fully satisfied, the emotions have to be incredibly potent. Love, lust, anger, desire. The unfortunate person I had just met tonight, before the mini confrontation with the sanguines, was furious for some reason unbeknownst to myself. I didn't get involved in their personal affairs, I was just in it for the feeding. 

'Knock knock.' Tyler spoke from my doorway. 'Can I come in?'

'Sure,' I gestured to the end of my bed. 'What's up?'

He sighed. 'Mal's right you know, about what he said earlier.'

'Oh not you too?'

'You're the youngest here Loren, no offence. I'm sure they can easily detect that. You could have gotten seriously injured.'

'Tyler, we could have easily taken them. Besides, what's to say they wanted to harm us?' my thoughts flickered fleetingly back to their leader, with his devastatingly piercing gaze and muscular build I had no doubt he could attack in an instant. But there was something about him. Something I wasn't sure about. I just had a feeling, more of an instinct, that he wouldn't harm me. 

Tyler chuckled humourlessly. 'Loren. Empathic and sanguine vampires have been enemies since the dawn of time. We were born to hate one another. You can't fight that.' He stood up and left, just like that.

I had a suddenly wild, reckless impulse to seek out these sanguine vampires. I had a desire to know them, to talk to them. 

But then Tyler's words flashed like a warning: 'You can't fight that.'

The End

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