Aaron: Arabella

"What do you think this means?" Mason whispered hoarsely as the five of us moved through the forest, heading towards one of our many temporary homes. This time we'd decided to lodge in a small forest cabin that we'd found. It was a fare distance away from the settlements and safe enough to be hidden from the hunters for a while. Throughout the walk, I couldn't help but wonder back to everything that had happened. Provoking the conversation aloud hadn't been on my mind.

"It doesn't mean anything," Sharonne hissed. "We go our own way."

"Clearly, they weren't hunting," Wes muttered. "At least not the way we do."

"They're empathic," I said, my eyes focused on the trail in front of us but mind wandering elsewhere. "That's why their leader wasn't too friendly."

"Well good thing we left," Carmen said. I couldn't completely agree with her though. There was more to the girl than the outer demeanor she presented. She was also daring enough to be the first to turn away. All this only increased my interest towards the empathic clan. This, however, was definitely not going to be accepted by the others. Our relation towards such clans was never close. Our conflicting opinions on what's right and wrong is enough to turn us against each other. Most of us wanted to continue to live without going into feuds. This has also applied towards the empathic clan as for long as I've lived my vampire life. Changing the customs now just because of a mere interest towards a girl would be very unethical.

The last few minutes of the walk were filled with silence. We entered the run-down cabin and the eyes of the rest of the tribe made its way to our faces; most focusing on mine.

"We encountered some empathics."

Samuel, the real leader of the tribe stiffened. His crimson colored eyes intensfied as he waited for the rest but there was nothing else to say from my side and so I remained quiet, giving a chance to the other four to narrate the tale as I sat down. Sam's eyes didn't leave my figure and by the look on his face, I could see he suspected me.

I glared back at him, my gaze steady and eventually he looked away. He wouldn't interfere with me for some time. Sam had never felt too comfortable around me and though I'd often wondered if it were because of envy towards how much power I had within the tribe; or because of the fact that he was inexperienced in comparison with me. He'd been born into this tribe and over the years grew to be part of it whereas I had travelled from many different sanguine tribes and had the extra sense of leadership. I wasn't much of an intimidation to him but he knew to keep away from me which I belived a wise choice. But he could never do so for too long.

Getting up, I headed towards one of the spare bedrooms and sat on the bed, sighing to myself. I closed my eyes and thought of the chances of encountering the girl again. Knowing the answer would not please me, I shook my head to myself and was about lie back against the bed when I felt someone pull the sleeve of my shirt. Opening my eyes, I looked down and saw little Arabella smiling up at me.

"Aaron. What happened?"

She's the youngest of our tribe when it comes to her human age as she was transformed at the age of ten. Though she's been a vampire for more than two centuries, Arabella's the only one within the tribe who I'm a little more affectionate towards. I felt a little awkward around her at first when I noticed she's actually been a vampire a little longer then me and so has seen much more of the world. But when realisation hit me that she really is a child when it comes to her behavior, I couldn't help but ease up towards her.

With a small smile on my lips, I said, "Nothing at all. We just met a few empathics on the way."

"Then why are you acting strange?" She asked, tilting her head to the right and looking at me with her confused hazelnut brown eyes.

"I'm not acting strange. I'm just...tired."

"That's impossible." She said with a grin and plopped herself onto my lap. "I'm guessing you met someone..."

The End

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